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Cerise Warranty is one of the services offered by 361. It provides protection for your appliances after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Price depends on category of products and retail price of products.

All products sold by 361 can be covered by Cerise Warranty except laptops, motorcycles, bicycles, fitness equipment and non-electrical devices such as cookware. 

Some of the benefits include unlimited repairs, free spare parts, free labor, free transport, product replacement.

No. 😁 The most interesting benefit about this investment is that you obtain a discount voucher at the end of the warranty period in case your product was never serviced. i.e. the Cerise Warranty is unused.

You still get the discount voucher 😊

The discount voucher is equivalent to the cash price of the Cerise warranty purchased. It can be redeemed against a value of up to 10% of the purchase price of the new product.

You need to present the Cerise Warranty contract to your nearest 361 showroom and the 361 staff will issue the discount voucher also known as Cerise voucher.

It's valid for 6 months.

Yes, the Cerise Warranty can be purchased within 1 month from the delivery of the product.