You can use Mastercard, Visa or American Express CREDIT cards from 6 banks namely MCB, SBM, ABSA, HSBC, BANK ONE, AFRASIA & MAUBANK

It’s a mode of payment whereby no interest is charged to customers. Customers can buy a product and pay in 3, 6, 9 or 12 Months. e.g. if a product is priced at Rs,12,000 in showroom, the customer will pay Rs.1000 in 12 equal instalments. There is no hidden or additional charges. 

  1. NIC of customer
  2. Credit card statement of card to be used (hard or soft copy)

The reason for asking the credit card statement is to check the credit card limit. This is visible in mobile app such as Juice etc. So a soft copy of this statement sent to the showroom manager by WhatsApp is sufficient.

The sales advisor will only do 3 checks which takes a few seconds.

  1. Check if name in card tally with NIC
  2. Check expiry date of card
  3. Check credit limit in the credit card statement

The first instalment is done in the showroom and the balance instalment is automatically deducted from the card every month until the full amount is settled. Customers do not have to queue for payment. Its automatic deduction.

You can buy 3 times the amount of the credit limit. e.g. if the credit limit of the card is Rs.10,000, you can buy up to Rs.30,000.

Customer can use it as many times she or he wants but only 3 active agreements are allowed at any point in time. e.g. customer can buy in Jan 2023, then in Feb 2023, then again in March 2023. In case the payment for Jan 2023 has been fully settled in April 2023, customer can buy again after that even if payment for Feb 2023 & Mar 2023 have not been fully settled.

  • Zero interest – You pay what you see (no interest, no fees, no hidden cost)
  • Quick process - Only 2 doc required for registration (NIC & credit card statement)
  • Auto deduction every month so no need to queue at end of month

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