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Activate your Fidelity Card!

The front side of your Fidelity Card is printed with a unique number that you need to input in the form. Ex: “FCCXXXX”

Once your registration is completed, our customer service will take care of activating your account. It will take a few days before your card is valid in all the showrooms.

You can now enjoy an immediate 7% discount and exclusive offers!


Rs inc. VAT

Welcome to the world of your 361 Fidelity Card!

We wish to reward and thank you for your loyalty to 361, and welcome you to our special fidelity program. This card is your passport to great discounts and exclusive shopping!

Here is everything you should know about your personal Fidelity Card:

What are the benefits of your Fidelity Card?
  1. Receive a 7% discount upon presentation of the card for a purchase in any of our stores.
  2. Stay informed about our latest exclusive deals through our special Fidelity Customers Newsletter.
  3. Collect Fidelity Points. One for each multiple of Rs 300 purchased. When you have accumulated 100 points, you will be rewarded with a 361 LOYALTY VOUCHER worth Rs 500. As you increase your purchases at 361 we will increase your discount, as follows:
    • Up to 249 points 7%
    • From 250 to 499 points 8%
    • From 500 to 749 points 9%
    • Above 750 points 10%

    This discount shall not apply for the purchase of laptops and mobile phones; or when you purchase items that are already on promo; or during our clearance sales.

How to get your Fidelity Card?

To get your new Fidelity Card and benefit from exclusive deals, you should visit one of our showrooms and ask for the Fidelity Card. Our teams there will be happy to provide you one and give you all the information you need about the Fidelity Program.

Once you collected the card, you just have to activate it by registering online.

How to activate your Fidelity Card?

If you recently collected your new card in one of our showrooms, you now need to register it before you can benefit from all its advantages.

To register online, fill in the form below.

By submitting this, I allow 361 (Le Warehouse Ltd) to use my personal details in matters regarding the 361 Fidelity Card or related matters.
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