Congratulations to our Winners!


  1. Anjavi Rampadaruth won a Westpoint Minibar Refrigerator [WRN16ER] worth Rs 4,590 (incl.VAT)!!!



  1. Keviraj Gunnoo won a [32PHT5102] Philips Led 32″ Smart TV worth Rs 11,990
  2. Peeroo Samir won a [HD9220] Philips Air Fryer worth Rs 6,990
  3. Seeam Saroja Devi won a [FZ710000] Seb Actifry worth Rs 6,990
  4. Mahabir Kresen Kumar won a [T1] Huawei Tablet worth Rs 5,790
  5. Velina Moothy won a [BTM1360] Philips Mini Hifi worth Rs 5,490
  6. Veenesh won a [FC8451] Philips Vacuum Cleaner worth Rs 3,990
  7. James Siew won a [RT9002] Rinnai Gas Plate worth Rs 3,290
  8. Zoubaire Soogun won a [AZ328W] Philips CD Sound Machine worth Rs 2,890
  9. Kerty Herwyn Guérel won a [BG2024] Philips Body Shaver worth Rs 1,890
  10. Nelina Mootyen won a [CF5820] Calor Brush worth Rs 1,890

We would like to thank you all those who participated! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more fun and games!